Shrunken Heads
The Shrunken Heads was formed in late 1999 as a cover band. The band has performed at variety of venue’s over the years including The Avalon, The Qaurter Note and Britania Arms just to name a few.

The band is available for large or small music venue’s, private functions and parties. The Shrunken Heads play classic rock, original music and a touch of blues to satisfy every musical taste. The Shrunken Heads band members are friendly and professional. The band's music can be purchased at I-Tunes, and at


George Mahoney
George has been a musican most of his life. He started out playing in bands when he was 12 years old. He grew up in San Francisco and was exposed to some of the greatest bands that the city had to offer.

George co-founded his first band in high school which he dubbed “Spyders”. In the 70’s He was lucky enough to be able to ply his wares in Europe as a member of “Salsbury Queen”, an originals band. They toured endlessly until George was burned out. Undaunted, he continues to perform and still gets excited about playing. He hopes everyone will come by to see and enjoy the Shrunken Heads.

Rob Aguilar
Rob plays bass.

Corey Bovyer
Corey started out playing trumpet and still plays in his local community bands. Once he saw Ringo on the Ed Sullivan show, he decided he wanted to play drums also, but dad said “Either the trumpet or drums”. However Corey wanted to play both. He wanted to be Ringo (drums) AND Miles Davis (trumpet) so his father made a deal with him - Take trumpet lesson and teach yourself drums. His dad said “It can’t be that hard, a note is a note is a note, sixteenth’s, eighth’s, quarter notes, they are all the same in music, whether drums or trumpet”. So Corey taught himself drums while taking trumpet lessons and the rest is history. And now he is here with these characters called Shrunken Heads (I bet that’s a headache in the making, it must hurt to have your head shrink). A little trivia: In High School, Corey used to tell everyone he played “drumpet”, which was a combination of drums and trumpet. Wasn’t he so clever?

Curt Hironaka

Curt Hironaka
Curt is the lead guitarist for the Shrunken Heads and is the newest member. He loves to play blues and slide guitar. His influences are Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, Johnny Winter and Muddy Waters.